Daily Thoughts for Success

Reader's Reaction

“Thankful for the ‘Thoughts of the Day.’ I know that it takes time and commitment to do something like this and you should know that it is very much enjoyed and at the same time extremely beneficial. I find myself looking forward to them as well as sharing them with my group.”

—Bea Worden, Senior Vice, Little Rock, Arkansas

“I send Donny’s quotes out to my staff each day to get them started. It’s food for the mind. By getting yourself in the right place with the right attitude, your day just goes better. My staff and I look forward to these daily messages.”

—DeeAnn Courrege, Consumer Sales Manager, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles

“A good take on how motivation and our habits pave the way to our road to success.”

—Mark Collins

About the Book

Do you want to win at life? Donny Ingram’s book might just be the right read for you. Daily Thoughts for Success contains inspirational quotes and explanations of the author that amplify the significance of the day’s passage.

As a motivational trainer and speaker, Ingram believes that the pathway to success is through habitual positive thinking. He believes that no one is born motivated and that it is important that people should learn how to create a positive mental attitude. Ingram aims to help readers reach their full potential by changing their predominant thoughts, which ultimately steers the direction of people’s lives.

About the Author

Donny Ingram is a motivational speaker, trainer, and author. He worked in the areas of training and development for the last twenty-eight years, both in the government and the private corporate sector. He developed training programs such as Recognizing Your Potential (which highlights attitudes, human design, and the importance of communication) and Success in the Home, a series of family and marriage development training, with his wife Charlotte. Donny’s ultimate goal is to help others reach their maximum potential.


“You cannot expect others to believe that you are skilled, talented, beautiful, sexy and successful until you believe it. Dr. Joyce Brothers says, ‘You cannot consistently perform in a manner than is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.’ See yourself for who you really are. You are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ so see what your creator sees—perfection and greatness.”

“That’s the great thing about being involved in something that’s bigger and more important than yourself—you’ll never run out of meaningful things to do! The unimportant stuff can be checked off or forgotten once it’s done. A personal mission or purpose is key to your being that it’s impossible to forget or put down for very long.”

“There is no lesson for today. You have permission to stop thinking for a moment and just enjoy yourself. Stop and go look at the world. Rediscover the natural wonders that you walk past every day. Let your mind be grateful for a break. Don’t think, don’t strain.”

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