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Choosing Your Work Attitude Officer

Employees’ Positive Attitude at Work and Its Impact on Organizations

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If you never heard of it before, there’s actually a position called a chief attitude officer (CAO). Unlike known executive positions as CEOs or COOs, the CAO role is unpaid. The unique thing about it is that even if no person is appointed, the position will develop on its own.

In basic terms, the CAO is the person or concept that shapes the company’s attitude toward its culture and processes. You as an individual can take the position for yourself. All you need is the right work attitudes to share in developing your organization further. Follow these steps to becoming the CAO of your organization.

Pick Out the Best Attitudes That Can Benefit Your Organization

Highlight the things that will develop your company the most. For example, are you a leader who puts the welfare of your followers first? Influence other executives with that attitude. If all the leaders in your company believe in the “putting employees first” culture, there will be a boost in morale. Consequently, increased morale improves the productivity of your workforce and nurtures a positive attitude at work.

Think of the Best Way to Share a Positive Attitude at Work

Even if you single out the best attitudes you can share, the next challenge is influencing others to do the same. It certainly isn’t easy, and different people will have their unique styles. But if you’re at a loss, focus on the individuals whom you think you will easily be able to sway. Oftentimes, these individuals share your values or perspectives in life. When you start with them, they can then propagate the ideas to other people in the organization.

Speak Up on the Different Ways You Can Instill Positive Attitudes

Aside from picking the right people, you can also pick the right events. Every company meeting or function is an opportunity to raise your case. Still using the example of putting employees first, you can suggest ways to encourage creativity among the company’s teams in your next team meeting. Would productivity increase if incentives are given? Then offer your proposal as part of the agenda.


Last, choosing the right people and picking the best attitudes may not be enough. You have to reinforce the work attitude you want it becomes second nature. One way to do this is keeping a regular update on your chosen activities. For  incentives, you can create a monthly report on whether or not it has a positive impact on employee productivity. Whatever result you gather, work on that to make improvements or changes in your strategy. Keep in mind that a good work attitude and motivation comes hand in hand. Stick to your goal to improve your organization.


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